Great Hops at

All Stops!

New Hampshire’s first craft brewery tour bus is roaming for foam!

Granite State Growler Tours offers our guests a unique local brewery adventure. Hop on our bus with 14 of your new best friends and let “Greta the Growler Getta” transport you to the fine craft breweries distilleries on New Hampshire’s historic seacoast and beyond. Enjoy exclusive personal tours, and taste the best beers from the Granite State. If you like what you tasted, grab a growler and we’ll keep it iced down for you while we head to the next stop. While en route, your guide will entertain you with stories of New Hampshire’s rich and foamy history of brewing, and beer. So join us for a frothy tour through New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts! Call us to ask about a custom or private tour for your party or company. With great hops at every stop, there’s no better way to spend the day!


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45 Lafayette Rd #212

North Hampton NH, 03862